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My Chines上海千花宝贝EFe wind

all14My Chinese windOn mist-covered water bridge, harships rests place. That one falls beautiful be in harmony was in in the lake, That one clear tear got a bottom of the heart. One bends curved brook, dripped the sea in the dream. Always have some of fog that laugh is the dusky in chaotic times, Always havi上海龙凤自荐区DGng some of tear is get glisteningly between soul. You say all corners of the country is like a dream, I read drift along of affairs of human life. Childhood is sung in annual ring, about the song of years; The Chinese ink in days gives youth, about the word of graceful and restrained. Lend me a unit of weight of an announce city, draw that paragraph of blue and white porcelain. Drink all will drink wine this cup, gao Ge grows lov上海各区gm资源汇总推荐esickness that. The share that feeling always can let lose pulls more painful more, Time always can make difficult thing more and more shallow. Lighted that the pride of China, Leaning on Na Gonglou. Autumn wind sends deciduous leaf yesterday, Have enchanting Xie Chunhua today. The fluster in human society of lofty or bottomless, It is very difficult to want to say to love a person. Say warm popular feeling of the real situation, Can do you say this lovesickness gifts who? “I wish all expectation, To final metropolis meet by chance. To final metropolis meet by chance.. Ancient wind, Never the bugle t上海千花 上海花千坊1314DE女生自荐JRhat cease pursues a dream too, Then freely becomes the crisscross footpaths between fields of thousand all ages; Also collect poem and essay Cheng Qingche’s spring, Slowly a when ooze enters that heart another. The poe上海后花园419tic word that appreciated those fuddle, Thank those melted balladry. When some names are forgotten, Fortunat ely those souls still are in fresh. Of Na Wenwan blue, can you grant am I pure? That lyric sea, can with my singing in antiphonal style? That kind wind, can at me enchanted? That quiet next palpitant, Be in so spring affection of day Li Shu: What use the heart please is classic those who wash a this world is azure, The glamour that uses the soul please appears spatio-temporal spoondrift hey.[……]

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Keep the person of my disa上海花千坊爱上海DFppoint

all13Ke魔都新茶论坛ep the person of my disappointLaugh, wish you are happyYou are married the garment waves, I am optional as before; You hold your hand, I search 夜上海论坛网RTher eye eye. Be not accused and fasten, by every means ashamed remorses, only reason, I know you to understand. Chance en上海贵族宝贝sh1314counter meet again, one’s words is not much, inspect laugh, brush a shoulder and pass. Eventually somebody lov上海千花 女生自荐es me for you, even if cannot everlasting; Already somebody is round your fond dream, depend on each other of life and death hand in hand hoary head. Forgot to say with you, your style of writing cried too long; Still want to say with you, your shallow laugh already in brand heart. Destiny, wait for me not thin; Know you, the nether world has a smile on his face. Smile, realize the dream that you had said with him. Smile, let 上海喝茶的地方你懂便宜点的MRthe show  that time tarry admires. Wish you, beautiful beauty is unripe. Wish you, suffer happy aeon to bless. Without you, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds.               – Li Xiao laugh[……]

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R上海花千坊爱上海ERain of autumn wind autumn bewilders a person

all10Rain of autumn wind autumn bewilders a personComfortable flying seems a dream gently, immensity drizzle is like anxious gently. If because,not be you, I won’t be lost in Na Chuqiu’s harships easily so. Coming is Qiu Chu, going is autumn will old. The hardship that experienced the heart wades, I just can understand, stay all the time in the bottom of the heart, of bran dish of for a long time do not go, be once made me wander in the for a long time before your inn door in that autumn wind you. The winter of Nanjing always gets late, november, it is deep that I still feel autumn. Be in namely those 3 years ago deep autumn, because of a thing, I saw you. Making is lot, our feel like old friends at the first meeting. You are g上海各区gm资源汇总DFrowing face of a piece of melon seeds, not too much buckish, without exorbitant make public, silent however stream dripping classic beauty. The speech of that smooth fact, warmth and that Wen Dui, genial smile decides case to be in my heart from now on however. Let all the time only I beautiful and perceptual heart unripe good impression, heart is immediately unripe touch. That momently, a kind of thermal current ripples in my soft heart. Be in the following in a few months, we become a netizen. Do not have a person to be able to think of, heavy actuating pressure, I of outside calm, the heart can resemble the child of a mischievous, grievance actually. You always are so indulge me, that tender speech and smile, let me experience a kind of actual great care. Also it seems that only you understood my heart, the demand that realized me. Passed the 2nd year, in a summer, after passing that all fools’ day, originally meaningless fun, we actually form stranger together, a short distance away, but each other are in miss opposite party, have the character that I can understand only because of what there are you to write on the net. See you again, be in two years of the following summer. I experience you again that that that graceful and restrained, tenderness, Qing Yi, flashy perhaps heart is palpitant enough lets me lose his. Next day, I more attaching you, of the job, in also can giving business you call, you also are to have leisure, make my mobile telephone, self-conscious virgin soil says, it is the sound that wants to listen to me merely. And those who make me surprizing is, in this Qiu Chu, never leave home almost, in the midst of pressing affairs you promise me readily to eat a dinner together unexpectedly. Then, in the night that boards at the beginning of that colorfully decora爱上海千花网论坛ted lantern, our first time is so so close, close together, you say your control is full of sweat, I is why insecurity is mixed satisfy? Because your smile harmony so上海龙凤阁GEund feels warmth and sweetness all the time,my heart is met. And you perhaps do not know everything of all these at that time. The following a many month, be much better years! Although have insecurity, have concern, have expect, have disappointment, but I had wanted to think you lean close beside me very much, silent the story that hears you to narrate you to already had said countless times; Had wanted to want to feel you to hold out the nose needle that hold上海贵人千花网 out very much, you say it is more beautiful than mine; Had wanted to want to be stuck in your face very much, let my tepid lip, stop halt between your heart. Does Buddha say: ? Does the Suo austral chasm of cheek of N of idle of Liang of excessive of Bin Si  stay one of  of grave of billabong of V of idle of Liang of ⒍ ㄊ quiet does answer confused  poisoned wine brightness so carve of Da of to shirk of billabong of storehouse of R of where Mendelevium two makes fun of  astounded Piao of joyous  of artful nest of pharynx of bamboo-plaited basket or 上海419shlfDEsuitcase of hum of Ji of travel of  loose  ? When this autumn is about to leave, let autumn wind embrace our start off, although rain of autumn wind autumn bewilders a person, I want to enjoying the feeling of this kind of love together very much, also enjoying this kind of light sadness, wish we can hand in hand two harmonious families are in henceforth Mu Yu of wind of the classics in the endless flow of years, do not abandon original intention. Tonight, bubble a cup of strong tea, open a desk lamp, accompanying ringing clavier sound, write down this paragraph of heart alone language, it is to want to remind from already: Be in with each passing day in the process of vulgarization, our good thing has been touched in always forgetting life. I also know, a lot of after year, still also can have touch upsurge in my heart, but the sensation that resembles such happiness, sweet, warmth already cannot duplicate probably! But the sensation that resembles such happiness, sweet, warmth already cannot duplicate probably!! This post seems a dream by flying finally 408 at 2017-5-30 22:25 editors5 editors[……]

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