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” Ming Dynasty those things ” the feeling af杭州贵族宝贝论坛419ter reading

all16″ Ming Dynasty those things ” the feeling after reading   ” Ming Dynasty those全国凤凰楼信息网站 things ” the feeling after reading” Ming Dynasty those things ” altogether is 7, told about arrive from Zhu Yuanzhang Zhu You check 16 emperor and eachThe fierce person fierce thing of period. Contact ” Ming Dynasty those things ” it is me when attending a college, actually before always listen to a classmate to talk about remove thisThis book, because of the fire that this book comparatives at that time. I also look all the time without time, play a net to swim again all the time. PassedAfter long period of time, I borrow a classmate to close originally then those who order ” Ming Dynasty those things ” look, at ordinary times I also like to nod the historyDrip. Who knows settle on sends irremediable in those days the language of the bright moon also is colloquialism is added speak vivid understand easily, all previousHistory writes what comparative so to give power. There still is a Yuan Tengfei later also is humorous tell the history, the book of Mr. YuanI am to had not looked, but video has seen a few some hyperbole that Duan Li face says. Next period of time immerses oneself in suffering to look, look at looked at me to discover a problem. What issue to give? HairThe bound volume that shows my classmate is paragraphic and paragraphic the span between is very big, paragraphic between was out of line, so I feelShould be among omited thousands of word! This is the advantage of pilfer edition book! 1 . Weight is light, facilitate carry. 2. Price petty gain. 3. Be in elliptically can give a reader very large imagination space, the education that is helpful for reader diverge thinking! Read vigorously! Unluckily book of this pilfer edition is a lot of less content, this allows my condition why can. Depressed! Clean out an au爱上海新419thorised edition then ha! I already read through two, feeling or meaning still were not used up. The book is read 100 change, its meaning sees oneself. 8 from a child had done not have this Zhu Chong on a few days to auspicious day, after be brought up although pass out at the elbowsly to get a person,bully butAlso had not thought rebellious, just think with our Everyman well look for a wife marriage, next smooth and steadyget along. But that is heavy after all 8 oneself think ah! Rebellious be of need capital, whats were builtBe blind alley of ask for it then instead! At that time the friend Shang He of childhood moment wrote a letter to give him, the content of the letter isOneself did 1000 of uprise army, hope Zhu Chong 8 also will attend uprise army, pursue in all riches and honour, zhu Chong 8 after lookingMaintain one’s composure, will believe burn-up. He still did not enter the psychological preparation of uprise. But which have windtight wall, You are received justice army but be known by others,believe this thi

ng. You go can not fol上海花千坊1314JFlow justice army matter, be in thisWho can believe sensitive period you follow justice army do not have a relation! Heavy 8 also be be forced can go without the road, prepare to turn overZhou Dexing still searching to calculate result of one divinatory symbols before going again is ” predict escape Bo Shouze is ill-fated, put up with is fierce and might as well ” , meansDesert, slow-witted here ominous, go rebellious do not have a thing possibly still. That moment calculates divinatory symbols with respect to the letter this till now alsoIt is long fill do not decline! Heavy 8 with us today’s word says even if ” by ” rebellious, family original idea did not want those who force to returning is not the society gives! Do not see me weigh 8 those who grow is ugly but I am other not poor, this is being cast army later can one by one body comes out now. Cast army when still have a small episode, heavy 8 those who go casting is Hao city inner and outer city walls child promote, and at this moment yuan armyAssault here. At this moment you will cast army, of Tian Xiao you are what identity. How does that do? It is to procrastinate of course went out to chop (deadlater can know the identity, at least the the Three Kingdoms is killed is the capacity is shown after such dying! ) even if kill a fault veryBe a manslaughter more, increase you a honor of what, but estimation is killed heavy 8 be equal to kill in vain. But felt that dayArtful, guo Zixing inquire for sees this is cast army heavy 8, also do not have this habit at ordinary times! The discovery of a dialog that this meets is heavy 8 it is so faithful ah! It is fast untie a person of a misunderstanding so, guo ZixingAlso see the people of a certain kind that weighs 8 blame aimlessly, become to oneself beside stay in oneself so close-fitting bodyguard. Zhu Chong 8 also changeBe called Zhu Yuanzhang, a jade tablet is the weapon that a kind of jade makes, that is to say I am kill destroys the person of yuan of face. Zhu Yuanzhang he isVery sockdolager, not only fight brave, and have scheme very much, play sober, consider carefully is far-reaching (notice this specialDot) , and very teaching materials is angry, when having risk the first goes up, all these let him have great authority. The fellow villager Shanghe that adds him helps, he is becoming a soldier after two months, be promoted to be 9 people to grow, this is himThe first official position. The gun is hit odd bird, ability of your Zhu Yuanzhang is too outstanding. Time grew Guo Zixing is grouchy of course, Begin embarrassed Zhu Yuanzhang everywhere so, let Zhu Yuanzhang act under orders to lead troops the native place that atttacks Guo Zixing, calm far, from this oneThe dot can see Guo Zixing is honest on purpose undesirable, at that time calm far have guard of a large number of forces, reckon Guo Zixing lets him goIt is the Zhu Yuanzhang that does not want to see work again, but Zhu Yuanzhang is Zhu Yuanzhang, he was found yuan army an aperture, attackOvercame calm far, be in next yuan army the evacuate before answering aid, after this, successive attack Huai Yuan, how to act according to, contain county of hill, rainbow, 4 Zhan Sisheng, cannot be held back! After be being gotten the better of repeatedly, zhu Yuanzhang returns him old home, there are us hereHep: Xu Da, Zhou Dexing. Zhu Yuanzhang also saw go up how could Rong Erhu (unless one fair with one mother) , since such myself are oddDry! Guo Zixing is exceedingly glad also that then you go, I also do not leave you! When 100 flowers are sent, I am not sent, if I am frightened when hair kill, want with west wind battle, wear with respect to gold armour. Him Zhu Yuanzhang begins to assemble old team again, when going, he contained 24 people only, it is of course laterpicked. The ability that depends on oneself later held Chu city, welcomed 闵行蝴蝶验证归来NHfound a st上海千花网后花园FHate in succession again later Li Shan of the first hero is long, Characters on a seal carved in relief of Feng Sheng, nephew, Li Zhen of elder sister’s husband and nephew Li Wenzhong. Zhu Yuanzhang force expands ceaselessly, occupy today’s Nanjing. But he also calculates a small ant now, but elephantStill be lane be givinged by this only small ant broke down after all! Actually still two firm role has to carry that is Zhang Shicheng and Chen Youliang. They two if do not follow Zhu YuanA jade tablet is born in a period, that also can have one time regard as! But good luck gets a person, you think of to be born namely gemHe Shengliang! The large volume is minor battling between this countless, also emerge revealed a lot of famous generals, xu amounts to ruse of be apt to, Long-range raids of Li Wenzhong be apt to, assault of Chang Yuchun be apt to, feng gets the better of by-blow of be apt to, characters on a seal carved in relief be apt to defends. But want respecting bold and powerful, dayIssue nobody but enemy by the side of Zhang Ding. Later, zhu Yuanzhang builds a nation, great undertaking already was become. Write this first! Did not write still have a lot of, staying to later time is written again. The friend that have fun at is OK alsoOneself go looking. Zhu Yuanzhang is Ming Dynasty the most diligent politics an emperor, must admire his energy! Still involve inside this bookofficial circles political trickery, thick black learn to wait a moment. Write did not move! Arrive first this! Send in pervert the law by playing with legal phraseology for the first time if post format is incorrect show a labyrinth please. Send in pervert the law by playing with legal phraseology for the first time if post format is incorrect show a labyrinth please.. This card is final by classification queues up at 2011-7-17 19:53 editors3 editors

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