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” softhearted the seve新上海龙凤nth evening of the seventh moon ” + ” this is not love ” (A group 31 work)

all18″ softhearted the seventh evening of the seventh moon ” + ” this is not love ” (A group 31 work)   ” softhearted the seventh evening of the seventh moon ” + ” this is not love “Ping Yao’s morning is like as one used to do quiet and auspicious, when the first sunshine takes bright a tower over a city gate, still can experienceTo that concealed the vicissitudes of life in air is mixed of primitive simplicity. Yu Xi is brought up in Gu Cheng, she has deep love for this city, enjoying thisThe city brings everything her, of course this ought to eliminate a person among them — Zhao Cheng Yuxi likes to rise early, because of herLike to stand on the balcony to look at below street the luxuriant change from dim and hazy Xiang Guangliang, also like path seeing a market to go upBy traces of human presence the dot nods voice noisy and confused, the be mingled with in liking air is worn of butcher peddle the fragrance of sound and breakfast, like earlyThe tourist Xing Song that rise sleeps the cannot conceal delighted expression that twinkles in the eye… … everything of all these makes jadeThe brook is more hot love this Gu Cheng, more hot also love lives. ” hey, brook ” , the Yu Xi of a male voice general that transmits downstairs from this dream in envisaging, pulled, abidePrestige goes, the man that downstair station wears to wearing blue grid shirt is in to her beck, another hand of the manThere is a bag in, what Yu Xi knows to be installed in that bag is the bre上海千花网论坛DCakfast in the opposite side lane that she likes most necessarily, Of course Yu Xi more know to want so early what buy breakfast and come to her is downstair, the earlier ability that must want to rise goes. MaleChild station is in downstair, admire a head to look at brook, morning illumination shoots the look in him, the face that taking sweat is in of sunshine according toShoot next appearing to have male charm more. Yu Xijing looks at this man staticly, if if he thinks,knowing, sure meetingThe girl is willing to interact with him, sure also meeting has the girl to because he rises early to weep to he buys breakfast and be touched,be met, Regrettablly Yu Xi does not like him, so this kind of his behavior not only cannot let Yu Xi be touched somewhat, became insteadYu Xi’s worry. The boy’s silent station is cast in downstair Xiang Yuxi with the smile like sunshine, yu Xi is upstair look downwardMove he, two people did not say a word, it is so silent only look at. Final Yu Xi is obliged to shake helplessly shake one’s head toGo downstairs. ” Yu Xi, the breakfast of opposite side Home Laowang, take the advantage of heat to eat ” the building below Yu Xigang, man with respect to too impatient to wait sendGo up breakfast, yu Xi looks at the breakfast in his hand, feel not know what to do: ” Zhao Cheng, you are done not have necessary to me soGood… . Can have the girl that suits you more ” the saying that Zhao Cheng appears to had expected Yu Xi is common, one lightLaugh: ” I am I am freewill very to you. Besides is breakfast this just ” , say Zhao Cheng again will earlyThe dot gives Xiang Yuxi, the smiling face like sunshine is having a charm that refuses hard, yu Xi sighed helplessly at a heat, Had received breakfast from inside Zhao Cheng hand. Zhao Cheng is opposite it seems that this act of Yu Xi very bene

fit from, satisfactory face about leaves, Yu Xi is looked at gradually far the Zhao Cheng that go, and the breakfast that there still is heat in the hand, a weak feeling is in air coverOverflow come… . First chapter: What you go after is a kind of feelingThrough daylong business, at the moment brook is taking a wet beautiful hair to lie on the bed to look at vogue miscellaneousAnnals. Will tell to her, this is the most satisfied hour also is leisurely most in a day, after she likes this kind of course to busydays of have a rest, but this kind of happiness was interrupted by likewise malapropos phone ring however, although that ring isSo pleasant. ” hello, brook, did you sleep to do not have? ” stethoscope the transmits Zhao Chen Cheng sound there. ” still be done not have, so lateDo you call occupied? ” the voice that hears Zhao Cheng, yu Xi is subliminal pursy brows, she is not to not was inReceived hunter to be hit in the evening harass a telephone call, but like Zhao Cheng such extremely polite measure is taken hold have spendThe phone is the most difficult reply, because once you are behaved strong, whether is he can feel him too imagine attraction from opposite sex, Yuzhi is contrary, if you are dealt with to what its fumble, have sedulous and ambiguous ill will again. Yu Xi is fed up with harm othersAlso be fed up with at the same time those who do not have cause is ambiguous, so she feels not know what to do. ” brook, if you are convenient now, can you come to the balcony? ” ” I had prepared to sleep, What thing will say again tomorrow? ” ” ah, pour the issue with special that’s all right, I am in your home now downstair, You always cannot bear let me standing below all the time “Brook follows a telephone call at the same time, be on the balcony subliminally at the same time, slowly late wind puffs her wet length is sent, Have kind of aesthetic feeling that gives this world, the teenager that stands below the balcony looks at the woman like upper part goddess to reveal all and spoony manThis some is infatuated with expression. Zhao is in into the station downstair, just now and then get signal of Xiang Yuxi beck she comes down, it seems that at the momentWhether does Yu Xi arrive downstair with his meeting already not important as long as so crazy it is good to be looked at dully. Yu Xi handles this kind of gas personallyIn atmosphere, feel all over uneasy, be obliged hang up mobile phone slowly to go downstairs. ” brook, you see blow gently of late now wind, everybody is in enjoy the cool, we also go ” Zhao Cheng terrifiedlook at Yu Xi to be lost in thought, yu Xi is apparent cannot orthoptic his eye, borrow intentionally arrange a hair and turn eyeball looks to otherPlace: ” feel embarrassed, I am a bit tired today, have what thing you say ” Zhao Cheng expects already it seems that can haveSuch answer, it is awkward laugh only: ” brook, tomorrow is your birthday, last I see you like quiteOf this thing, I am bought send you ” Zhao Cheng is saying carried retrospective hand on the back to be taken all the time, in street lampbelow illuminate, that delicate caddy has kind of inarticulate grace unexpectedly. Zhao Cheng imagines the hand in sky, smiling to waitMove brook receives the past, brook sees Zhao Cheng, see a case again, the caress with a pair of fine ceaseless hands this sleepsSkirt, when she is at a loss, always meet so do: ” Zhao Ch魔都新茶论坛eng, I look need not, those who thank you is well-intentioned. “” this… ah, this is the birthday present that the friend delivers only just, don’t you take me to become a friend? ” ZhaoCheng Wei is laughing, the hand still stays in sky as before, if brook is not received,appear to go, he is hanged over all the time. ” I am not that meaning, I just feel this is too precious, I cannot be accepted. ” ” where of respecting of your this wordWent, this is a little gift only stopped, it is good to want you to like only, close, such bad news wear those who hold out awkwardness “Zhao does not have wrong leakage into what this word says, let brook if he does not accept next his gifts,feel, appearOneself are not quite easy and magnanimous. That delicate caddy has been received after brook, this one simple movement is become in ZhaoLook represented more profound meaning it seems that, so he appears happy all the more: ” my task was finished, IWent back, you sleep earlier ” Xiang Yuxi deep feeling laughs at Zhao Cheng, assume a posture leaves. ” you are fastened first, we goesGo. ” the eye that Yu Xi looks at Zhao Cheng spoke this word, this word not only make Zhao Cheng open-eyed also let her fromOneself is open-eyed, because she has courage actually,will say all these actively to understand. Two people the small market along of primitive simplicity of not say a word going, zhao becomes a pair of model that feel extremely flattered, it seems that thisThe sweet feeling that suddenly its come to already developed his brains. And brook is more closely grasping the sort of delicate caddy, When only herself knows only he is making major decision, just can behave such, but outer person looks, This is a meaning another however. Now and then resemble signal of Zhao Chengwei laugh through the people beside them, be opposite it seems that he is longgo after Yu Xi and repair Cheng Zhengguo finally and cast the most cordial already blessing. Two people sit down on a chair that overlooks a lake, calm lake surface is carrying moon slowly stream drip, inarticulateMi of quiet not care at all. Late wind blow gently, puff Yu Xi grows complaisantly send, hike up a faint scent, all these lets Zhao ChengThe illusion that produces a kind of sweetness — love came. Yu Xi puts the wooden box in the hand on bench, the station is by the side of the river, shutting an eye to enjoying gentle late wind: ” ZhaoInto, I understand your intention, understand all the time ” listen in Zhao Cheng come, this more pleasant utterance was not compared again on the world, no matter be her word or her sound,be so attractive. ” I cannot bear all the time the heart harms you, youI what do for me also am touched very much, but this is not love! ” Zhao Cheng gets used to this to plant hard for a short while it seems that from heaven toThe weightlessness that hell declines feels, the expression on the face appears very barpque, however unspeakable come word. ” when love hasIt is a kind of feeling really, are you clear? Everything what you do me very feeling but also let me be at a loss at the same time, should haveThe love that the girl that suits more will come to accept you ” the feeling that Yu Xi also does not know why to he can be immersed in so sodden common it seems thatIn the section but this always is explained one kind, after saying so, she feels extremely relaxed. Yu Xi has courage to had turned round eventuallyCome, send a smile to Zhao Cheng, next face about leaves. Zhao Cheng has not astonished change trains to wake from this it seems that, Till Yu Xi walked along a paragraph of distance to just stand up abruptly: ” Where is this gift? ! ” Yu Xi slowly face aboutCome: ” the girl that leaves real need her ” water of one brook lake as before slowly flow eastwards, late wind stays mediumly oneThe Zhao with agonized face is become and show alone casket slightly. Yu Xi is returned had been in the evening in the home at 9 o’clock, and this hour also is another happy days in she is one day, The person that loves because of her is met everyday the sweetest greeting in delivering to her in this time. ” brook, did you sleep to do not have? “” ah, do not have, waiting for your phone ” when saying this word, yu Xi has kind of feeling that feel relieved unexpectedly, Probably herself also did not detect, in that paragraph of time that seeks him in Zhao Cheng, do not ban oneself unexpectedly in her heartWill mix in the evening of the boy friend communicate regarding as is a kind of fault general. ” brook, say a thing with you, I crossed some of day to come, when arriving, I did not go. “” that is really good, I also tell you a thing, I and Zhao accepted theory or formulation understood tonight, I want to be able to be found after himThe love that belongs to him “” can such best of course, he also won’t annoy you again. Went, sleep “” hum “The 2nd chapter: The jealousy that is you then is in cause troubleBe the reason that the boy friend will come back probably, the mood with the closest brook is very good. And was that day probablyThe talk in the evening had effect really, zhao Cheng sees Yu Xi also is the laugh of courteous sex only now, two people always are brushedShoulder and over- , although this is much some rarer,do not hold, but brook always comforts him in the heart, spend period of time again, bigThe home can be of the good friend. May 13 is a special day, what say probably is some more accurate, it is the special day of brook, becauseChen Wei of this day of her boy friend came back. ” small Wei, I am in this ” brook is lively shake to a nearby man that is carrying knapsack on the back begin, maleChild turn a brook understanding that looks at skipping and hopping to run and laugh, put down the wrap up in the hand subliminally, waiting to greetReceive the hug with long-unseen brook. ” came back this not to go ” the arm that brook is pulling Chen Wei, the appearance that a pair of birdie depends on a person ” do not go, you see you, still resemble a child same ” the arm that Chen Wei holds the post of brook to pulling him at the same time, be opposite fondly at the same time thisBrook deride and taunt, brook objects to all these, more accurate perhaps say, she very enjoy this kind of lover betweenAtmosphere. Two people go up in Gu Cheng small market so of act as if there is no one else present going, until encounter a person — Zhao Cheng is inZhao Cheng is being encountered on the street is the thing in brook expect, in her original plan, as it happens can lend this opportunity interposeTwo people know carry on, but was enmeshed in her in happiness to forget oneself hit good selfish calculations early all the time, so thatIn that one instant that encounters Zhao Cheng, the will pull Chen Wei hand that does not stand oneself unexpectedly puts away. 3 people stand on the street, oneTime appears extremely awkward. Yu Xi’s subliminal manage h上海千花 女生自荐air: ” small Wei, this is the Zhao that I had said with youInto. ” Chen Wei puts down the wrap up in the hand, smiling to reach the right hand to Chen Zhaocheng: ” often listen to brook to mention you, witherThank you all the time since to brook take care of ” . It is awkward reason probably, zhao Cheng forgot to follow old Wei handclasp unexpectedly, onlyIt is to stand over, bringing the smile of ceremony sex. The laugh of try to explain things away when been laughed at of old Wei ego, lower one’s head of soft tone say to brook: ” we go ” next skill encircle is worn the shoulder of brook, brush a body with Zhao Cheng and pass. Chen Wei the day after coming back, two people almost always together. Take a walk to go to work together together, this to a pairLong it is to be in probably the sweethearts that disappear the work that does not pass normally, but be however in Zhao Cheng eye the biggest painful, this is painfulSuffering puts a face to come from be opposite in the heart brook still some is in love with, come from on the other hand as intended as friends accidentallyFun, because of that day early in the evening with by unwitting their definition is ” the night that decides affection ” , hear every time besideBrother those such as ” you are so long pay affably still be inferior to a family a few honey-tongued ” of the word of and so onMoment, zhao Cheng feels what cannot exercise restraint is afflictive with the depression, and more terrible is, this kind feels he must squelchGo down. Even if the sweethearts that loves each other again has a day when quarrel always also, brook and Chen Wei also won’t cross this hedge. Be in of brook of expect of another Zhao Chengmo silent in the evenin夜上海论坛网g, accident however see brook is cheating a face to crying to run outside the door. ” brook, you how? Can say with me ” Zhao Cheng is chased after will be in unmanned corner as brook, And at the moment brook still is in sad weep, the person that looks at oneself to like cries before oneself and oneself cannot go up howeverComfort before, this should be how afflictive, zhao Cheng is with respect to so silent station beside brook, till brook slowly stopStop cry. ” good, I do not have a thing, thank you, zhao Cheng. ” brook shows a smiling face constrainedly, and this however morePerson Zhao becomes heartbreak. ” speak out, speak out to be met probably more feel better a bit ” the double eye that brook looks at Zhaocheng sincerity, do not ban oneselfshed next tears. The girl that resembles very much beautiful Ju Aimei is same, brook very the appearance that cares about oneself, this is all probably femaleChild some natures, go into the street every time so, of the gadgety and so on that brook sees good-looking dress is good-looking perhaps, Total meeting does not control buy one pile, although sometimes the thing that herself also knows to he is bought probably oneAll one’s life is not used, but still can not buy from what ban. Originally Chen Wei is OK still even if she, but as 2The further progress that the person concerns, get along together was carried by Chen Wei already program, so his Ceng Duo second to smallThe brook offers his opinion euphemisticly, and however be misunderstood to be him not to love her by brook. The woman is unjustifiable takeBe troubled by rising is the most unreasonable, and unluckily the man likes to be in however feminine willfully make a trouble when preach manages, eventuallyWhen the Xiang Zhaocheng that is in beautiful beauty when brook reveals the long skirt that just bought, the problem erupts again. And it is this howeverAll-time serious. Listen to the complain tearfully of brook, zhao Cheng enrages lose reason almost, look in him, can shopping to brook is mostThe business that does not pass happily still has man body not to tell good fortune in blessing however, this kind of man should be not gotten good really dead. ” brook, leave him, I will be good to you ” the both hands that Zhao Cheng loses reason almost is grasping brook effeminateshoulder, of terrified of double eye terrified look at brook. ” not, I love him! ” brook flounces off Zhao Cheng, the back crosses a face to go wipeThe tear that remains on the face. ” he is undeserved you love, shop even you he such, such man is undeservedYou love, leave him, I will be good to you! “” not, I love him, and I am on this thing is incorrect, I too willfully make a trouble… … ” brookSpeak such word, made Zhao Cheng is more embarrassed, this suddenly turn a pair of young husband and wife into the small episode between and fromOneself however the appearance horizontal stroke of a pair of have no sense of shame inserts o全国凤凰楼信息网站EFne thick line. Brief silent later, those who change is Zhao Cheng more rest this bottomThe growl in: ” what do I calculate then! I was done for you so much, you definitely absolutely rejected me! And this calls assortedOf Me Chenwei, so the heart that hurts you, you are right however his be reluctant to part with! This is you so called love “Brook exerts all his strength cover auditive, cannot avoid those humble vocabularies to get into ear film from beginning to end however: ” I do not listen! “Brook covers ear is mad escaped euqally, like leaving Zhao Cheng to resemble bedlamite only, growl in the dim light of night. The 3rd chapter: You ought not to so do! Do not know from when to begin, the person in Gu Cheng begins to gesticulate to brook rise, be opposite all the time repeatedlyThe old A mother-in-law with very good brook also implies the indicating say that advises in earnest to brook: ” girl, girl home orWhat frank devoir nods is good ” all these is felt when brook do not wear brains. And every time brook and Chen Wei go in the street togetherWhen going up, always meet from time to time the for no reason that enrols a flock of people is derisive, some moment, zhao Cheng also stands in this group of peopleTo them 2 people cast the laugh with not to be pooh-poohed among. ” oh, young couple comes out again stroll is bent, quite sweet. Zhao Cheng, I say you are no good, oneself younger sisterChild the boy that is not known to come from which went, deficient you are so spoony still! ” a flock of youths that do not have course of study go up in the street againLoud tease is worn, this lets brook and Chen Wei cannot be borne, and the Chen Wei that serves as a man cannot restrain him moreactuation, ” what does your his Mom say? Gutty say again! ” ” I say! You grab others girlfriend! ” thatRenown man is battling much influence of people on one’s own side is numerous, the appearance of a pair of secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing. Chen Wei again intolerable also this kind of humiliate, The fist since brandish is hit to the other side. ” hey You, still lay a person urgently ah ” the fist that to Chen Wei brandish comes over, man notBut do not hide instead more aggressive rises. Fist nature of Chen Wei hits no less than going to, not be he does not think hitting is onlyThe fist of brandish already by the other side a flock of people are worn. ” getting angry is, give you the hotspot again more come of fire ” another man in the crowd is carefree draw out from inside the pocketGive a piece of picture, it seems that very precious was like the ground to admire ability one time to lose before Chen Wei, chen Wei swept a photograph onlyMore angry cannot exhaust, because film on the photograph, is he and Yu Xi the picture that kisses in river side. A flock of people are troubled byPosse, brook from pick up of photograph of crowd lieutenant general, staring at a station to death to be in to death aside Zhao Cheng, and Zhao Cheng is not had one pair howeverThe appearance of so called careless and casual: ” do not see me, who pats I also do not know, do not pass this photograph nowGet about, breathe out ah ” this momently, zhao Cheng becomes extremely clinking unexpectedly in jade brook eye…Since after that day, that group of people more unbridled, although a lot of people feel to do some to pass soCent, but disadvantageous also what to say more, and brook more cannot bring oneself to mention sth, because outside in hearsay, zhao Cheng is right sheSo good so spoony, and it is ironhearted that she resembles general injury of niminy-piminy to him evil even call the turn, follow howeverThe man that everybody does not know to come from where is good went up…Eventually chapter: Good-bye, ping YaoAnother quiet dusk, appear and did not differ as one used to do, and right now brook and Chen Wei are set foot on alreadyLeave Ping Yao’s train, although Yu Xi is of all the different kind,do not want to leave, but here cannot have allowed her to continue to liveGo down. Leave in brook when, zhao Chengzheng syares blankly to a correspondence, the letter is the Zhao Cheng that Yu Xi writes in one’s own handwriting: What had done to me before you no matter, good bad, these already not important, weHad chosen to leave, later won’t good-bye, once had heard of a paragraph of word, take the opportunity now report gives you. ” I like banana, but you gave me one car apple, next you say you are touched by oneself, ask me whyDo not touch. I am speechless, next you tell a whole world, your flower became smooth all money bought one car apple to me, But I do not have little to touch however, I am an ironhearted person certainly! My bearing is to have a problem certainly! I just like banana just ah…Yu XiAdscript: What this article writes is not very satisfactory, seem to think out expressive beyond expression a little, it is probably fromPersonal ability is limited, it is probably those who write is little, but no matter how, still finished eventually, continue hard later. Continue hard later.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-9-14 16:41 editor1 editor

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