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Mosaic mirrors my w上海千花网坊RFintersweet

all6Mosaic mirrors my wintersweet Mosaic mirrors my wintersweetMosaic digs eyeful hole, wintersweet accompanies me to spend cold winter. The most beautiful scenery, also be hill sea nevertheless, yun Meng. The deepest frowsty growl, also be lonely neverthelessOf few confused, the tuck diveseethe with deep stomach. The charming that I go to seeking a flower ceaselessly is soft, against the wind, the hand is asp, resemble all overOvergrow stone, of a bead protuberant, spread in the heart. As if to hear A Fu again slowly say, ” I know I am not quite outstanding, but do not ignore me please, not rightMy turn a blind eye to, I very hard, I have hope one wrestle. ” the 4 strong competition austral hill are defeated that, cry soSad, yo夜上海论坛网EFu are like A Fu lost the world. A Fu, perhaps can have a day in that way, you use the expression that the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty as good horse, Sneer at the unfounded in your heart. Who can visit the appear with anther leading player that Xiang Ruhai emerges again, your missish expression, resemble gradually cold statuary, Looking good, whether to turn after one’s death, the sequence of thought on the back blossoms colourfully. Blue sky plays rambling girl, regrettablly is green hello. What I get is too much, manage place should can lose slowly a lot of. Have not complains, because I still have you. Had you, amorous feelings frolics with you understanding. Had you, the scenery accompanies you to lower his head to admire head. Haveyou, I think I just can be an interesting person, life also had it seems that so little the sense that showing spot. I once disturbed, I once lose. Wind mist is blown medicinal powder. Orgiastic people, I am in one by one accost. HoweverWish to accompany you to hide in the corner to look at 上海贵族宝贝sh1314happy mosaic only. I still remember, what the late night does not sleep is blotto, you are like at the outsetmouth cheap. I was expended without the phone, you can eat steamed stuffed bun to help me fill a telephone bill, I often laugh at your narrow-minded. I know me 10 thousandDisaster not answer when, there can be you beside. That year every day day night, have you fortunately. I am willing to defend you whole blackNight. I will be answered back and forth, I go often, fireworks firecracker is like rain smoke basket lives wind, street street still, the pedestrian is returnedIt is festival appearance. When you laugh, can notice me behind, both hands holds fire in both hands, if smiling face is spent. Appearance claritywe, can feel to resemble the suction with water heavy continous tonight bucc上海龙凤网坛al air, another moisture are heavy. The smoke of barbecue booth, let me see not clear sign attack medic上海千花网坊inal pow

der full ground, charcoal fire is roaring. Tumultuous years, roaringTide, long-range raids. I know, youth is pressed in your heart, breath, a short while and ceaseless. Of lakefront we are knocked broke muchLittle bottle,上海龙凤1314HF curtain of night just can be pulled. The abuttals of collapse, it is to rebuild only a city, flourishing light dark. The tear emerges like the spring you, when mocking others now, there is a piece from the back I am familiar with favorite face. It is silent when, after-thought makes you happy and undemonstrative from ridicule. Brake is embraced to rest ceaselessly after be being gone to before us, pursuant cloud. You are disturbed the sound of Shanghai distance is frail, the train is carrying you all effort, pour the urban lights that go toBe like firework, blossom ceaselessly, memory is the eye of years coloured glaze. The stream of Wuhan, you look too much. The scar of corners of the mouth, let me remember the race that tries hard together, together notOf cease run. Your gassed shout should watch the late night meteor shower, hope you can happy, drink very man. Girl. My acknowledgment has you. If lose, be just as heart of the awl that break spirit. You, can accompany me to move toward east, trend on the west, where to move toward? I, can accompany you south the trend, move toward north, goTo ahead. Years flies stream, mosaic attack by surprise does not live Bai Yun pulls wind to go, wintersweet cold winter, future is off-street like, static deep and remote long. Once performance clang numerous be like clown, exaggerated features, nose is planted strawberry, high turndown, the mouth of blood-redThe raise with inflexible horn, the small shoe of small bow resembles horse’s hoof. Nowadays, sunshine passes through a window, depict of cyan introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad stubble, the plum outside the doorHua Mianmian, green water of transient myriad green hill, only your bridge, flower of hill of world of inverted image float. Flower of hill of world of inverted image float.. This card is final by July 14 at 2012-11-15 21:26 editors6 editors

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